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Steve Gross, Psy.D.

Steve majored in psychology as an undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania, after which he moved to New York City to pursue a career in the performing arts. Fifteen years later, he enrolled at Antioch University New England and received his Doctor of Psychology degree in 2003. He interned at the Yale School of Medicine and completed his postdoctoral studies at Yale’s counseling center where he worked with students, faculty and staff of the university. Following the establishment of an independent practice in Manhattan, Steve worked for the prison system of New York State, eventually rising to the position of Chief Psychologist for mental health throughout the prison system. Steve has now been practicing independently for thirteen years.

In his words,

In terms of my approach, I listen intently; you will feel ‘gotten’ by me. In fact, research repeatedly shows that the primary active ingredient in successful treatment is the client-therapist alliance. Together, we will look at the thinking, feeling, and behaviors that stand in the way of the relationships, experiences, and sense of self you want in life. The goal is a more present, confident, insightful, fulfilled, and authentic you.

His specialty areas include relationship issues, trauma and PTSD, personality disorders, addictions, mood issues such as depression and anxiety, and parenting challenges, particularly alternative parenting arrangements. One specific focus is gay men and the array of challenges that can interfere with a positive sense of self and rewarding relationships.  He works with adolescents and adults and has been trained in various ways of helping people, including psychodynamic exploration, cognitive-behavioral treatment, mindfulness, motivational interviewing, and a humanistic foundation. He also provides personality and intelligence assessment.

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