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Practice Development Consultation Services

copyright Angela Taormino licensed to Geoffrey Steinberg, Psy.D.

In addition to clinical work, I provide consultation to peers on the business side of private practice.

While graduate training in psychology provides excellent preparation for assessment and intervention, it often fails to prepare new professionals for the realities of running a small business.

For newly licensed clinicians, I offer expertise in developing a private practice. Areas of focus may include clarifying a clinical niche, developing an internet presence, and forming policies and procedures that are sound clinically, ethically, and as they impact the health of the business.

For seasoned professionals, the focus is on practice modernization, including technical assistance with harnessing internet and mobile technology for marketing, billing, and administrative tasks.

Each consultation is tailored to the specific needs of the given clinician and practice setting. After an initial assessment of a clinician’s needs, a plan of action may be agreed upon, including ways we might work together, tasks you may need to perform independently, and tasks I may be able to accomplish for you.

While the focus of consultation remains on development of business skills and implementation of concrete changes to your practice, consultation may approach the boundaries of psychotherapy and/or clinical supervision, without fully crossing into those areas.

For example, consultation may include elements of psychotherapy by addressing a clinician’s personal history as it informs attitudes toward money and business. Likewise, consultation may involve elements of clinical supervision by assisting a clinician with handling challenging clinical situations from both clinical and policy frameworks.

While the emphasis of consultation is usually on developing practical know-how, the clinical context is always in the background, and at times a more focal area of work.

For more information about consultation, please send a detailed inquiry through the Contact page.

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