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Window Building GraphicI work with adults in long-term, psychoanalytically-informed psychotherapy. Prominent issues include relationship problems, aftermath of abuse or neglect in the family of origin, isolation and avoidance, existential concerns, depression, anxiety, obsessions, impulsivity, substance abuse, personality disorders, interpersonal concerns in the workplace, developmental issues in relation to education and work, parenting.

Gay men represent a significant portion of my practice, and I work from a gay-affirmative perspective, with attention to internalized homophobia in relation to shame, self-worth, and defenses against vulnerability in intimate relationships.

With a foundation in training experiences in university counseling centers, college student mental health remains a focus of my practice, in particular engaging in longer-term psychotherapy than typically can be accommodated within counseling centers. Issues include separation-individuation, emotional regulation, and identity formation in contexts of interpersonal relationships and career development.

My practice maintains a holistic team approach when clinically indicated, involving collaboration with other professionals as such as psychiatrists, group and couple’s therapists, and medical providers.


updated June 11, 2017

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