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copyright Angela Taormino licensed to Geoffrey Steinberg, Psy.D.

Aetna Coverage

In New York, Dr. Steinberg is a participating in-network provider with Aetna and Aetna Student Health in New York. If you are insured by Aetna, you will be responsible for paying any applicable deductible and co-payment or co-insurance as defined by your policy.

Dr. Gross is not a participating provider with Aetna.

In Pennsylvania, Dr. Steinberg is not contracted with Aetna. If you are insured by Aetna and visiting the office in Philadelphia, it will be be on an out-of-network basis.


Dr. Steinberg works with many clients on an out-of-network basis. If you have coverage through any insurance plan other than Aetna, or if you are insured by Aetna visiting the Philadelphia office, you would be responsible for the full fee.

If you have a PPO plan, you would be eligible for reimbursement for some percentage of fees paid to an out-of-network psychologist. Each month, you will receive a statement that you may submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Dr. Gross is not a participating provider with any insurance companies. At the start of treatment, you and he will discuss his fees, and he will provide a monthly statement that you may submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Facts to know about your insurance coverage

Before getting started with treatment, it’s best to understand your benefits. Call the toll-free number on your insurance card to ask about the rate at which you would be reimbursed for fees you have paid an out-of-network psychologist. Questions to ask:

  • Does my plan’s mental health coverage include benefits for going to an out-of-network psychologist?
  • Am I responsible for paying an annual deductible before starting to receive reimbursements for psychotherapy?
  • Is pre-authorization required?
  • How many sessions does my policy allow per year?
  • At what rate would I be reimbursed for fees I have paid an out-of-network psychologist?
  • What is the typical time lag between submitting a claim and receiving the reimbursement check?

updated May 18, 2017