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Expertise in College Mental Health

The college years can be a time of great personal growth and development: becoming independent from family, revising belief systems, forming new relationships, establishing one’s place in the world. Sometimes these changes go smoothly, sometimes not.

I have experience working with students who have a wide range of concerns including relationship problems, identity concerns, academic problems, procrastination, internet addiction, alcohol and drug abuse, and family conflicts. I work with students not only to resolve symptoms but also to understand problems as critical events along a developmental progression, that is, to work through problems in service of growth that occurs normatively during the college years.

I aim to help students complete their education while mastering the challenges they face. I have helped students with serious psychiatric disorders to remain in school and gain mastery over their problems.

My approach to treatment is informed by training experiences at Northeastern University’s counseling center and a pre-doctoral internship experiences at the Stony Brook University Counseling Center.

These experiences also inspired my dissertation research, which focused on how psychotherapy during the college years may foster students’ development in personality, ways of knowing, and cultural-political identity.

I welcome your call with any questions or to schedule an initial consultation.

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