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I specialize in therapy that focuses on helping you understand how your concerns developed and increasing your awareness of ways you may unknowingly repeat unhealthy patterns that you learned early in life. Our work may allow you greater freedom from your past, and thus greater choice in how you live today.

The trusting, private relationship between therapist and client is the active ingredient in psychotherapy. Our working relationship may be understood as a microcosm of other significant relationships in your life. While you and I may discuss adjustments you could make to improve your relationships, we may also focus on how we are relating to one another. Focusing on the interpersonal process between us can be very helpful to mobilize change, because it can provide you not only an intellectual understanding of relational issues but also a live experience of new, more effective ways to relate to others. For more on my approach to psychotherapy, see Clinical Approach.

My clinical specialities include relationship problems, gay men’s mental health, social anxiety, mood disorders (including major depression and bipolar disorder), and personality disorders. For more on the ways I work with each of these clinical areas, please click on Expertise.

Depending on your preferences and needs, you and I may decide to work together briefly to get through a current challenge or longer-term to resolve longstanding difficulties and achieve lasting results. Feel fee to contact me with any questions or to schedule an initial consultation.

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