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Posts tagged ‘college student mental health’

Outline of Clinical Interests and Expertise

A new page has been added briefly outlining major areas of focus for my practice, including populations, problems/concerns, clinical approach, and modalities of treatment. Part site map in progress, part mission statement, this outline is developing here:

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College Mental Health: Should Parents be Involved?

The New York Times ran “Off to College Alone, Shadowed by Mental Illness” (12-08-06) and invited reader responses to the question, “Should colleges involve parents in the treatment of their child's mental illnesses or should the privacy of these young adults be protected?” My response...

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Expertise in College Mental Health

The college years can be a time of great personal growth and development: becoming independent from family, revising belief systems, forming new relationships, establishing one’s place in the world. Sometimes these changes go smoothly, sometimes not.

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Bridging Developmental Theory and University Counseling Center Practice

DISSERTATION ABSTRACT. College and university counseling centers have been facing related challenges of increased demand for services and increased severity of students’ psychopathology. These challenges have been met primarily with economic limits, and the present study articulated an alternative conceptual response. Given the counseling center’s historical roots in student development, a theoretical study was undertaken to apply theories of development in the college years to counseling center practice.

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