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Posts tagged ‘serious and persistent mental illness’

New York’s Gun Law Changes: Negligible Impact on Privacy in Private Practice Settings

In January 2013, New York State passed significant changes to its gun control law that impact mental health care in several ways, but should result in a negligible impact on psychotherapy in private practice settings. The new law is the New York Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act of 2013, known as the NY SAFE Act. The governor's website now includes a summary of the law's key provisions and frequently asked questions. The full text of the law may be found here.

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Expertise in Severe Emotional Conditions

Some of the strongest, most resilient people I have met are those who live with conditions such as schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, and severe personality disorders. I have experience practicing psychotherapy with clients who struggle with severe emotional conditions in both inpatient and outpatient continuing day treatment settings, as well as private practice.

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Professional Experience: Continuing Day Treatment Program

This entry begins a series of reflections on the professional experiences I had prior to private practice. My first position after earning my doctorate was to work as a Staff Psychologist in a Continuing Day Treatment Program at Pesach Tikvah, a mental health agency that serves the Orthodox and Hassidic Jewish communities in Brooklyn.

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