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Two Simple Steps to Help Promote TherapySafetyNet


Latest post from TherapySafetyNet to help make our volunteer network of socially responsible therapists known to referral sources and the uninsured New Yorkers we aim to reach:  Two Simple Steps to Help Promote TherapySafetyNet.

Introducing the New Website

Today the new TherapySafetyNet website goes live. We have developed a fresh new design with increased simplicity and usability. As before, the site includes our directory of socially responsible therapists–psychologists and social workers practicing in Manhattan and Brooklyn, each of whom is committed to our cooperative vision of providing affordable psychotherapy to uninsured New Yorkers.

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Antioch University New England Alumni Notes

Antioch University New England Notes, Winter 2012 ... "I founded a coalition of New York psychologists and social workers, Our organization operates as a free referral service to help uninsured New Yorkers afford psychotherapy in private practice settings."

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TherapySafetyNet Four-Year Anniversary Dinner

Psychologists and social workers who participate in TherapySafetyNet's coalition of socially responsible therapists celebrated our organization's four-year anniversary over dinner on October 2, 2011.

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MilestonesNYC meeting

In my role as director of TherapySafetyNet, I met today with leadership of MilestonesNYC to collaborate on shared organizational missions to increase access to mental health care for uninsured New Yorkers.

TherapySafetyNet: Notes from the Executive Director

I came up with the concept of TherapySafetyNet in September 2007. I was receiving more calls from prospective clients than I could accept into my practice, and some of them stood out because they seemed stuck in a kind of benefits purgatory. Uninsured, their income was too high to qualify for social services, yet their employers offered no healthcare coverage. It was hit or miss to suggest alternate referrals to those prospective clients. While I’ve always got an assortment of excellent colleagues to suggest, at any given time most would have only one or two potential openings on a ‘sliding scale.’ At the same time, I had extra web site capacity, so I thought, is there any way these elements could be put together to help?

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TherapySafetyNet is a new project designed to address the mental health needs of uninsured New Yorkers. The organizing vision is for everyone to have access to affordable mental health care.

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