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Individual Psychotherapy

copyright Angela Taormino licensed to Geoffrey Steinberg, Psy.D.

The focus is on you in individual therapy. Many people seek individual therapy to gain an objective perspective on their life circumstances. You may have already sought the advice of friends or family and realized that a professional’s input is needed.

On one level, individual therapy can provide just that: a relatively unbiased source of feedback and guidance. A therapist may help you form connections among your thoughts, memories, feelings, and experiences, allowing you to understand yourself and your life circumstances in helpful new ways. Therapy may help you learn alternate ways of dealing with difficult experiences, including relationship problems, adjusting to changes in your life, and learning to manage emotional problems such as anxiety and depression.

On a deeper level, individual therapy can involve a unique relationship between you and your therapist. Many people who pursue psychotherapy achieve growth and healing by virtue of being listened to, understood, and valued. If you did not consistently have such experiences as you were growing up, then going through therapy today may jump-start your growth and development in ways that may render presenting symptoms obsolete.

I aim to help you define your personal objectives for therapy and to help you work toward achieving them. Psychotherapy may help you attain a greater ability to handle life’s challenges, increased quality of relationships with significant others, more complete self-knowledge, and increased satisfaction with your life.

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