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Increasing Relationship Satisfaction for Gay Men

June 2013: 

This post has been substantially updated here:


The absence of a culturally-prescribed template for gay relationships provides an opportunity for gay men to define relationships in their own terms. While this opportunity holds potential for transcending narrowly defined, traditional relationships, it can also be fraught with uncertainty. Insecurity, jealousy, and controlling behavior are just some of the barriers to authentic, satisfying relationships.

Therapy may help you to clarify your personal limits, express your needs, and create relationships of your own design. Our work together may help you improve your ability to communicate and to work through conflicts in your partnership. Whether you experience repetitive conflicts with your partner or similar problems across multiple relationships, I may be able to help you break the cycle.

Many people find themselves repeating the same cycles in relationships. For example, I often work with people who find themselves too involved or dependent on others. I may be able to help you establish clearer boundaries between yourself and others. I also work with people who experience loneliness and feel uncertain how to improve their social life. I may be able to help you develop your social skills and learn how to become close to others so that you may achieve the satisfaction in relationships that you long for.

Therapy itself is a unique kind of relationship, and the attention that you and I may pay to the ways that we work together may help you discover new ways of relating to others in your life.

I welcome your call with any questions or to schedule an initial consultation.

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