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International Association for Relational Psychoanalysis & Psychotherapy, 10th Annual Conference

I will be attending the IARPP conference the latter part of this week. Appointments after 3:00 pm on Thursday March 1 and all day Friday March 2 have been cancelled.

Anticipated sessions I plan to attend include the following:


3:45 Paper Session 1: Hidden Adaptive Potentials of Seemingly Pathological States

8:15 Plenary I: Swimming the Bosphorus: A Clinical Presentation


9:00 Plenary II: A Conversation with Steven Mitchell

11:30 Paper Session 2: Transformations in Psychoanalysis: The Role of Shame and Forgiveness

2:30 Plenary III: Two Realms of the Analyst’s Will: Unbidden Intentions and Committed Choices


4:00 Paper Session 5: Mania, Narcissism & Charisma: The Good, The Bad & Its Impact on the Analyst

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