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PrideStrong Weeklong

I’m honored to share results of the first-ever PrideStrong Weeklong, in collaboration with the Center for Animal Research and Education (C.A.R.E.) in Bridgeport, Texas. A non-profit sanctuary, C.A.R.E. provides a permanent home for animals in need, including tigers, lions, and other exotic and endangered species.

In recent years, a global community has formed in relation to the social media presence of C.A.R.E.’s Director of Operations, Derek ‘BigCatDerek’ Krahn. In the spirit of a pride of lions, this community of animal conservation enthusiasts has been dubbed ‘The Pride.’ Derek founded the PrideStrong movement to mobilize the Pride beyond passively consuming internet content to actively volunteering in service of organizations that help animals in local communities.

During one week in July 2016, we asked Pride members to find an animal-related organization in their local community and to volunteer just one hour to help that organization. I contributed by way of pro bono project management, research design, and quantitative and qualitative analysis.

It’s been an absolute labor of love to collaborate with the PrideStrong team and to see Derek’s vision come to life among volunteers in six countries, many of whom reported volunteering for an animal organization for the first time and expressed the intention to continue volunteering after this event. PrideStrong Weeklong represents the cumulative impact dedicated people can make.

Learn more about the impact of the first ever PrideStrong Weeklong:

presentation and infographic design by Melanie Cohen.

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