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Private Practice Facebook Page

I’ve launched a Facebook page for my practice:

The purpose of this page is to communicate about mental health issues with colleagues and the community at large–part networking, part marketing, part professional dialogue.

While my blog is focused more narrowly on topics related to my practice, I’ll post directly to Facebook additional content such as commentary on mental health news, research findings in psychology, and resources related to psychotherapy.

I’ll probably post in fits and starts, just like the blog.

A word about privacy: I would encourage any psychotherapy clients past or present who come across the Facebook page to think carefully before choosing to write any comments or “liking” any items I post. The strictest approach to maintaining your own privacy, including even the implication that you may be in treatment, is not to interact with my Facebook page at all.

In terms of my privacy, the Facebook page for the practice is separate and distinct from the Facebook profile I use in my personal life.

I’ll be moderating the page closely to ensure that a safe, respectful, and educational tone is maintained at all times.

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