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Forbes Magazine ‘Dump the Couch’: Unbalanced, Misleading

The story, and my reply:

Comparing CBT as practiced today to psychoanalysis as practiced by Freud in the 1890s is like comparing a 2007 Chevrolet to a Model T Ford and concluding that Chevrolets are vastly superior. The author failed to discuss how over the past century psychoanalysis has developed in technique, proliferated in contemporary applications, and amassed both empirical and qualitative evidence for its effectiveness. Both CBT and psychoanalytically-informed practices can and do coexist in the mental health marketplace. Rather than extolling the merits of one at the other’s expense, why not help your readers understand the value of each so they may make informed choices about psychotherapy?

Geoffrey Steinberg, Psy.D., New York, NY

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