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Thirty Years of the Antioch University New England Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology

This past weekend–a fast drive north to New Hampshire for my alma mater’s 30 year anniversary celebration. I owe an immeasurable debt of gratitude to the clinical psychology program faculty who remain rock solid points of reference in my professional life. For three decades, this remarkably stable group of core faculty has persevered together. The faculty’s differences in theoretical orientation, worldview, clinical interests, and research endeavors are in a way a microcosm of the field of psychology’s broad reach and diversity, yet this eclectic group of professors is unique in their cohesiveness and mutual respect, organized around a shared dedication to core values of social justice, reflective clinical practice, and rigorous application of research and theory to practice. These are the values infused within the curriculum and as such continue to inform the clinical, supervisory, and didactic activities of Antioch alumni, myself included. It was a pleasure to reconnect with former classmates and emotionally refuel in conversation with beloved mentors and professional role models. Read more about the history of Antioch’s Psy.D. program here.

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