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Practice Policy Updates

The following revisions go into effect immediately as updates to all previous versions of the Outpatient Services Contract:  

Periodically, I need to revise or add office policies, and I wanted to be sure you were informed of these changes and offer you the opportunity to discuss any questions with me. The overarching goal of these changes is to safeguard that the vast majority of our focus is on the work of psychotherapy and minimally on administration.

Communication Between Appointments

I am not typically available for telephone or email consultations between scheduled appointments. Should such a need arise, I would prefer that you contact me to schedule an additional appointment at a mutually agreeable time.

Email is the best way to contact me—even if you choose to call and leave a voicemail, I may in the interest of time respond to your call by email. After hours, I do not check voicemail messages, but I do check email messages periodically and usually respond to emails within 24 hours. Text messages are not a secure mode of communication and will not be received by my landline phone.

Additional Fees

Following up on payment-related issues each month has become too time consuming due to a minority of instances of declined transactions and late payments. For this reason, I’m introducing additional fees that I hope not to have occasion to charge:

  • Declined transaction fee: A fee of $25 will be charged for a declined credit card transaction or returned check. To ensure against this, you’re welcome to provide me with a back-up credit or debit card. Please inform me whenever you receive a new card that replaces your card on file. An ongoing pattern of declined transactions may result in the requirement of payment by money order.
  • Late payment fee: If your account is more than 60 days in arrears and suitable arrangements have not been agreed upon, a late payment fee of $100 per month will be charged until the account is settled.

Litigation Limitation Policy

By agreeing to work together, you are agreeing not to involve me in any legal matters that may arise in your life. You must inform me should you become involved in legal proceedings of any kind, for example divorce or custody disputes, lawsuits, criminal proceedings, personal injury cases, and so forth. It is agreed that should you become involved in any such proceedings, neither you, nor your attorney, nor anyone else acting on your behalf will call me to testify in court or at any other proceedings, nor will a disclosure of your records be requested. Should my participation in a legal proceeding be required, it will constitute a breach of this agreement, therefore ending our work together. In the rare circumstance you would become involved in litigation that requires my participation, you will be responsible for payment for the professional time required, even if I am compelled to testify by another party.

Thank you for taking the time to read these updates.


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